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Combining a medium-viscosity dispersive and a viscous-cohesive viscoelastic in one syringe separated by an innovative bypass stopper system for a planned sequential injection.

TWINVISC provides an easy and unique approach to the soft-shell-technique.
1. Reliable protection of the endothelium and other tissues during various surgical maneuvers
2. Highly effective space creation and maintenance in the anterior chamber during IOL implantation
3. Great retention during phacoemulsification
4. Excellent optical clarity
5. Ease of injection
6. Fast and easy removal

TWINVISC – unique combination of dispersive and cohesive OVDs in one single innovative syringe

The dispersive OVD of TWINVISC®
is a 2.2 % solution of sodium hyaluronate derived from bacterial fermentation that has a low molecular weight and a low viscosity. These properties make it possible to inject the OVD via a fine 25-gauge cannula inserted easily into a small incision. The volume of dispersive OVD provided, 0.7 ml, is more than sufficient.

The cohesive OVD of TWINVISC
consists of a 1.0 % solution of sodium hyaluronate derived from bacterial fermentation that has a high molecular weight and a high viscosity. The 0.7 ml volume of cohesive OVD provided is also very convenient.

The ZEISS TWINVISC Bypass system
prevents any reflux of the dispersive OVD into the cohesive OVD. Improves smooth delivery of both OVDs.
Enables the two OVDs to be expelled separately and consecutively. Ensures that the two OVDs do not mix and are completely released.